Tom's Tiny Houses
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"Faithfully serving North America's tiny house nation" 
   We know what you're probably thinking - "Tom's Tiny Houses ... so what!?"  
   Well, here's what:
  • We will build your tiny house, cottage, small home, or custom house for lots less than our competition.
  •  We offer special services, such as the luxury of having our crew to build at your location. No one else does!
  • We offer generous financing terms, to help you afford your tiny house or cottage.
  • We offer affordable hauling services, to get your trailered tiny house to your driveway as soon as it's finished.  No one else does!
  • Send us information and pictures of the tiny house, or cottage, or small home, or even mansion/estate, that you want to build and we'll build it for thousands less than our esteemed competitors, guaranteed.

Typically, when you find a picture, or plan, of a tiny house you love, you follow these steps:
  • Bring it to Tom's Tiny Houses to discuss what you want
  • Collaborate with us to come up with a working set of plans
  • Pay us a down payment of at least half the purchase price
  • Let us build your tiny house, then come and get it!

Tom's Tiny Houses can usually build other firms' $40,000+ tiny homes for at least 20%-30% less money, and $50,000+ tiny homes for up to 40% less! So bring us your photos/plans!

We have SO MUCH to offer you. Tiny houses with tiny prices ... and a whole lot more.

Get Some! 
Our  Answer  To  Unemployment

   We all know how tough this economy is on millions of hard-working American citizens.  
   The 2008 recession seems to promise no end in sight.  
   Even our government has balked on passing a desperately needed Jobless Aid Bill.  
   What's an unemployed American to do?
   How about create your own profitable, permanent livelihood?!?
   Tom's Tiny Houses LLC will collaborate with you to do just that.  
   We can work side by side with you to build a custom coffee kiosk on wheels, that can bring you up to $500-$3000 in daily profits!
   Plus, we will train you in the barista arts, and your family too. We will teach you how to work it, and set you off on a career you probably never imagined.
                                          Click here for details